Workshop in partnership with German university with participants from Africa and Middle East

The films resulting from the Special Audiovisual Workshop for Pre-Doctoral Students at the Technical University of Berlin (TU-Berlin) are now available.

The workshop took place between February and March 2021 for students from developing countries who are part of the doctoral preparatory programme of the "Global Centre for Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability" (GCSMUS) at the Technical University of Berlin (TU-Berlin).

After three weeks of contact with content on audiovisual production, the participants from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Nigeria, Zambia, as well as European countries (Macedonia and Serbia) and Mexico had little more than a week to conceive, produce, shoot and edit the films that can already be accessed on the NUPEPA/ImaRgens channel on YouTube.

The official screening of the films took place on March 24th and was attended by Professors Drs. Katleen de Flanders, Thando Tilmann and Fraya Frehse. The workshop was produced by a large team of members of NUPEPA/ImaRgens - ICNOVA/LAPS and resulted in three short films that can be seen below and was supervised by Professors Dr(a)s. Carla Baptista (ICNOVA/NOVA) and Álvaro Comin (LAPS/USP).

The project is part of the activities of the Núcleo de Produção e Pesquisa em Audiovisual (NUPEPA) and is supported by the Institute for Communication at Nova (NOVA) and the Social Research Laboratory (USP). The project is part of ongoing PhD research by ICNOVA. This edition was coordinated by ICNOVA PhD students Allan Herison Ferreira and Ana Carolina Trevisan.

Meet the films produced in this special international edition:

On the Other Side of the Table (Do outro lado da mesa)

Travelling through Monuments (Viajando através de Monumentos)

The Fashion Side of Capitalism (O Lado Fashion do Capitalismo)

You can access this and other Playlists from the NUPEPA/ImaRgens channel by clicking here.

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